• Explore the new Haddon Hall

A Crown Jewel Restored to its Original Splendor

Designed by Architect J. Pickering Putnam as 26-unit apartment hotel

Height limit of 70 feet is imposed on
Commonwealth Avenue

Converted from apartments to professional and medical offices

Proposed re-opening of Haddon Hall
as a private club

A New Incarnation for this Back Bay
Landmark Restored to its Original Splendor
Celebrating the Neighborhood as a Center of Influence
An Intimate Gathering Place for Local Thought Leaders
Multi-Generational Private Social Club with Emphasis on Diversity, Technology and Community
A World-Class Destination Based Upon Sharing the Best that Boston has to Offer



Landscape Plan

North and South Elevations



A Day At Haddon Hall


  • Training Appointment at the Fitness Center
  • Work Remotely over coffee in the Cafe


  • Enjoy a seated Luncheon featuring a visiting author
  • Catch up on Emails in the Library

Afternoon – no scheduled programs, in order to mitigate traffic congestion


  • Happy Hour Cocktails & Jazz in the Bar
  • Rooftop Yoga Class
  • Winemaker Dinner Featuring a Celebrated Guest Chef
  • Game Night or Movie Night in the Billiards Lounge

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  • Christine Araujo, Chairperson
    C/O Matthew Fitzgerald
    Zoning Board of Appeals
    1010 Massachusetts Ave.
    4th Floor
    Boston, MA 02118

    Dear Chairperson Araujo,
  • and am writing to express my support for the proposed private club at 29 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston’s Back Bay.

    It is important to me that my support is recorded as part of this process.

    I believe this use to be the best fit for the neighborhood at this site. The current plan for an 11-story private social club will result in a reduction in traffic from its existing medical/office use, will respect the historic character of the building, and will also add value to our city.

    I respectfully request that you support the proposal.


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Meeting Schedule

Upcoming Meetings

  • January 9, 2018 at 11:30am: Zoning Board of Appeal Meeting at City Hall (Room 801)

NOTE: This calendar will be updated as new information is available

Past Meetings

Sandra Edgerley

President, Hexagon Properties

Leading the redevelopment of Haddon Hall, Hexagon Properties is a residential development firm with a proven commitment to revitalizing the architectural integrity of Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.

At the helm is Sandy Edgerley, a longtime Boston resident with years of experience in luxury real estate. Residing in the city’s iconic Back Bay neighborhood for 11 years, she watched the area evolve and grow, and began investing in historic buildings with an eye toward creating high-end properties that feel like home. It was from this idea that Hexagon Properties was born. A Harvard Business School Graduate with an abiding reverence for quality, craftsmanship, and beautiful design, Sandy has built an extensive portfolio and has invested more than $100 million in the Back Bay.

In addition to her work with Hexagon Properties, Sandy is esteemed for her extensive philanthropic work. In 2017, she was inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Bostonians by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and in 2016 was honored with a Woman of Valor Award by the Anti-Defamation League of New England. Sandy has served significant roles with organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Boston, United Way of Massachusetts Bay, Horizons for Homeless Children, City Year, Harvard University, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the Mass General Hospital. She currently serves as the Board Chair of The Boston Foundation, which invests resources in education, health, jobs, housing and the arts, in order to make greater Boston a place of opportunity for all. 

Dear Neighbor

As a longtime Boston resident, specifically in the Back Bay, I am excited to embark on our proposed redevelopment of 29 Commonwealth Avenue into a modern private club, which will restore the iconic Haddon Hall to its original splendor and intended use.

This new concept for Haddon Hall will create an elegant and understated gathering place for a diverse group of leaders, thinkers and creators. The 11-story private social club will restore the historic architectural character to the building. With intimate dining rooms, meeting rooms, a fitness center and 17 elegant guest rooms, the building will return the property to its original hospitality use. The restoration of this Back Bay landmark will lessen the traffic impact on the surrounding community, and more importantly, will celebrate the neighborhood’s legacy as a center of influence.

I look forward to sharing more details about what we envision for this amazing space. 


President, Hexagon Properties

Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments; we would love to hear from you.

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Hexagon Properties
29 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02116

Email: inquiries@haddonhallboston.com
Phone: 617-910-6606

Neighborhood Benefits

1. Investment in Building and Site will benefit the Neighborhood:
  • Significant investment in restoration of this historic building, improving exterior, landscape and lighting for this key corner of the community
  • Reduction in traffic overall and at peak hours
  • Improved Traffic Management and plan to hire Police details for traffic enforcement
  • Doorman Building and Security 24/7
2. Commitment to be a good neighbor and address neighborhood concerns:
  • No Live Music on 11th Floor
  • Investment in state of the art sound mitigation construction
  • No Blocking of Alley
  • No AirBnB
  • Work with BTD on traffic concerns and potential solutions
3. Additional Benefits to Community:
  • Valet Services for direct abutters
  • Community Space and Programing for neighborhood groups
  • Contribution to non profit groups the neighborhood cares about (portion of dues donated annually)
  • Long Term Local Ownership


Is there a demand for a Private Club in the Back Bay?
We believe there is a significant demand for a multi-generational private social club that brings together thought-leaders in arts, science, business and technology who seek thoughtful conversation, a space to foster creative ideas and celebrate the arts and cultural awareness.

What is currently occupying 29 Commonwealth Ave?
Currently, the building is medical/professional office space – the building is only partially occupied at this time.  Under the Boston zoning code the current use is a forbidden use.  Based on extensive analysis by Howard Stein Hudson traffic engineers and trip generation guidelines and data from the Boston Transportation Department and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), the current building use, when fully occupied, would generate more daily vehicular traffic than a Private Club use.

Wouldn’t Residential be a better use?
There were initial discussions with abutters about residential units at this location.  It was determined to not be the best use for this site due to the lack of available parking and the construction and use of the Alley 423 if parking was constructed under the building.

How are you going to prevent traffic congestion at this location?
This property has never had a professional traffic study and management plan.  We have enlisted the services of Howard Stein Hudson who conduct a full analysis of this area and will work collaboratively with the community and city on solutions that will improve the flow of traffic for everyone.  The team will meet with the Boston Transportation Department to discuss Berkeley Street operations and how the Proponent will manage the building’s traffic activity.  We expect many of our members to walk to our building, bike or take alternative transportation.  We also intend to have a full service doorman and valet service to manage the flow of vehicles to and from the property.

Where will members and guests park?
We are proposing curbside valet space and service along Berkeley Street in front of the main entrance to 29 Commonwealth Ave. There are currently 6 metered spots along this western curb of Berkeley Street between Commonwealth Ave. and Alley 423. The property will have full-time doorman service and valet to ensure all vehicles are moved efficiently to private parking garages in the area.

Where will deliveries be made and how many deliveries per day?
Deliveries will be made in the valet space out in front of the building and managed by dedicated personnel who will ensure no overlapping of service delivery. We expect an average of 2.29 deliveries / day and all deliveries will be done in small box-type vehicles and no large trucks.

There is also an indoor garaged loading dock area inside the building off of Alley 423 for small vehicles to unload inside the building.

Where is trash kept?
Trash is kept inside the building in a refrigerated waste room on the first floor of the building.

What does a Private Club mean?
A Private Club has its own distinct definition established by statute, regulations and case-law.  A helpful description is provided by the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission FAQ’s – see item 37 here.

Can a Private Club be Sold or Transferred?
Yes, but in order to do so the transfer must be explicitly approved by the Boston Licensing Board.  Furthermore, in this case, Haddon Hall has no plans to sell this property and instead has every intention to operate it for generations.

Will the fitness center be member only?
Yes.  Not only for the fitness center, but any use within the Private Club is limited only to members or guests accompanied by members.

Who will be eligible for membership?
We anticipate a multi-generational membership that brings together some of the brightest academic minds, forward thinking philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in business, arts and culture.

Will this club host large events?
No.  This club is being designed as unique and distinctive spaces on each floor.  The unique layout of this building does not allow for large events.  The building is tall but narrow and the largest dining space only accommodates 86 seated for dinner.  

How many guests can a member bring to the club?
It depends on if they have reserved space for a private dinner or if they are stopping in for casual conversation and dinner or snacks at the bar.  It is expected that only 3 guests will be allowed in with a member unless there is a specific reservation made ahead of time.  


Howard Stein Hudson has conducted an extensive analysis of the area including traffic behaviors along Berkeley Street, tube tracking, video surveillance, a survey of current occupants and use patterns at other private clubs. This property has never before had a professional traffic study or management plan

In Howard Stein Hudson’s study found the impact of the proposed private club would generate 1o8 fewer vehicular trips per day than the building’s current use as medical and professional offices.

The team will meet with the Boston Transportation Department to discuss Berkeley Street operations and work collaboratively with the community on solutions that will improve the flow of traffic for everyone.  

Based on traffic analysis we expect many of our members to walk to our building, bike or take alternative transportation.  

We will have a full-service doorman and valet service to manage the flow of vehicles to and from the property.

Valet at 29 Commonwealth

Use of valet at 29 Commonwealth Ave. will mitigate double parking and traffic on Berkeley St.

VPNE will operate valet for the building, using Back Bay Parking Garage on 500 Boylston st as support. Additional parking is available at Restoration Hardware.
Valet check-out assistance in place, allowing Member Guests to request their car 15 minutes in advance of desired departure time.
VPNE Staffing Plan
Breakfast: 2-3 attendants
Lunch: 3-4 attendants
Dinner: 5-6 attendants

Delivery & Loading

Delivery vehicles will NOT block Public Alley 423
Most deliveries will occur curbside on Berkeley Street, with handcarts used to building receiving area
Deliveries via vans/smaller vehicles can also be made internal to the building in the receiving bay
On average, about 2.2 deliveries per day:
Food/Beverage, Linens, Trash
Designated building receiver will:
Coordinate delivery schedules
Manage delivery activity
Ensure no double parking/blocking of alley


Waste will be held inside the building in a designated refrigerated waste/refuse room
Waste will be collected once daily (as is currently occurring at the building) between 7 and 8 a.m.
Waste pickup will either be internal to the building from the receiving bay or will be made from the loading/valet spaces on Berkeley Street with waste hand-carted from the refrigerated storage room in the receiving area

Sound Management

Haddon Hall will adhere by the Back Bay Neighborhood sound ordinances:

No live music on 11th floor and exterior
All existing windows will be replaced with fixed insulated double-paned glass units
Acoustic upgrades will be made in all sound generating areas (member guests won’t want to be inundated with noise either)
Construction techniques will be utilized to eliminate all sound transmission through the party wall
Sound levels produced at the property lines will be equal or less than the city of Boston residential noise regulations
Building height and masonry parapet design surrounding the 11th floor assists in mitigating sound transmission

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